Nordonia Prom Fair 2017

Nordonia Prom Fair Photos can be viewed from the link below. We will open the album up to be downloaded on 1-21-2017. The Photos that you see in this

“Untouched Photos Link” Slideshow

“Untouched Photos Link” Thumbnail Page

are very small sized and are not cropped or color corrected. You can download these on Saturday 1-21-2017 at no charge.

There is a small group of Color Corrected Photos available to view at this 

“Color Corrected Photos” Slideshow

“Color Corrected Photos” Thumbnail Page

link to get an idea of what they will look like. If you would like to get electronic files of larger files we will have all of the information available on Saturday 1-21-2017. We will charge a fee for color correcting and cropping if you are interested in larger file size (printable) files. A portion of the proceeds will be going towards the After Prom  activities. Stay tuned for more information! Thank You for your support of your Nordonia Students and their Prom Activities.

Please keep us in mind for your remote location Prom Photos! 


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