Cinderella Presented by Nordonia High School Drama Club

Hello Nordonia Friends!

We at Daryl Pace Photography have been involved in many events at the Nordonia Schools over the years. We as a Team have done this as a community service and enjoy doing so. If you would like to see the pictures from the Drama Program that we have taken you can view them here.

Nordonia High School Cinderella 2016

If you would like to get into the Gallery Please email us so that we can send you an email with the password.  If you find any photos in the gallery that you would like to have you can use the ones that are up (with company logo) for free. Remember that these are small untouched files and have not been color corrected, cropped or processed in any way. If you would like Color Corrected, Cropped copies that are higher quality files we can send them to you for a nominal fee. We are doing this to enable us to continue to be able to have the ability to be at future events.

          Thank You, Daryl, Angela & Amanda Pace

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